All athletes (u6 to u17) are required to be in full uniform for all meets at Western Little Athletics & all SALAA events

Our uniform has a brand new design, which you can team with any black above the knee shorts. Uniforms are available for purchase at our clubrooms. U6 to U17 are required to be in full uniform for Friday night meets. We are also getting other new uniform pieces.
Stay Tuned…..

ITEMIndividual Price
Polo Tops$40.00
Singlets (U12 & above only)$35.00
Crop Tops (U12 & above only)$30.00


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Please be aware that strict rules apply to uniform, particularly at events held by SALAA. Athletes must also ensure their registration number, age group & sponsor badges are located correctly on our uniform.

Other important information about uniforms & equipment when competing at SALAA events.


All athletes must compete in their full correct centre uniform. Athletes reporting to their events without correct uniform will not be permitted to compete. Full uniform (including shoes) must also be worn for all medal presentations. Full uniform consists of:

Centre Top – The top must have the current season’s age group badge, registration number and sponsors patch securely attached, with the sponsors logos and numbers clearly visible. There should be no other badges attached to the top.

Shorts – Athletes must wear shorts, sports briefs or two-way stretch above the knee shorts (commonly referred to as bike shorts or skins) in their centre’s approved colours.

Athletes may wear a second pair of shorts underneath their Centre shorts. If worn, they must be plain and the same colour as the approved Centre shorts colour or black, and conform to the description above.

For cross country events only, athletes may wear 3⁄4 or full length tights/leggings. Tights must be plain and the same colour as the centre shorts or black. Centre shorts must be worn over the tights.

Uniform shorts must not carry any unapproved branding larger than 30mm x 30mm square.

Athletes requiring alternative uniform items for medical or cultural reasons may request an exemption by writing to the Competition & Technical Director, c/o the Association Office.


Shoes are compulsory for ALL competitors in ALL events.


  1. Spike(s) – A metal spike inserted into the sole of a spike shoe.
  2. Spike shoe – A shoe with screw holes in the sole capable of accepting spikes.
  3. Moulded sole – A shoe with plastic or rubber mouldings in the shape of spikes or wedges protruding from the sole of the shoe..

Spiked shoes should not be worn in the stands or outer areas of the track.

  1. All shoes must be a running style shoe. A running style shoe is one that encloses the foot and is fastened with laces and/or Velcro.
  2. No competitor may wear football boots or cleats in any event.
  3. Athletes in the Under 11 age group and above may wear spike shoes with spikes fitted in the following events:
    1. a)  Track events – 100m, 200m, 400m, 60m Hurdles, 80m Hurdles, 90m Hurdles, 100m Hurdles, 200m Hurdles.
    2. b)  Field Events – Long, Triple and High Jumps and Javelin.
    3. c)  Those sections of a relay held wholly in lanes (i.e. all runners in the 4x100m; the first and second runners in the 4 x 200m and Medley.)
  4. Athletes in the Under 13 age group and above may also wear spike shoes with spikes fitted in the 800m and 1500m events, and all legs of a relay.
  5. Athletes must not wear spike shoes with spikes removed in any event.
  6. Spikes must not exceed 7mm in length.
  7. Any number of spikes up to 11 may be accommodated on each shoe, but the number of spike positions shall not exceed 11
  8. Spikes, spike shoes or moulded sole shoes cannot be worn in the shot put or discus events.
  9. Spikes or spike shoes are not permitted for the Walks or cross country events.
  10. For relay events where an athlete is competing in a higher age group, the rule for that athlete’s age group applies.

Starting Blocks

  1. Starting blocks may be used for all races up to and including the 400 metres (including the first leg of all relays) by all athletes in the Under 12 age group and above.
  2. Personal starting blocks may only be used where blocks are not provided by the organising committee and/or venue.
  3. LASA will provide starting blocks for events held at SA Athletics Stadium.