A must for all enthusiastic three and four year olds!

Every Friday night during the season Henley Districts Little Athletics runs a tiny tots group for the 3 & 4 year olds. The tiny tots group is focused on group activities full of fun, colour, team work and skills.

Here at HDLAC we have been extremely fortunate to have a number of very motivated volunteers/parents that have developed and implemented activities and events that have proved to be very popular with the kids and parents.

Tiny tots relies on parental involvement, so please make sure at least one parent can be involved in this program each week.

Tiny Tots start at 6pm with warm up exercises then the children move onto the activities. Depending on the numbers, tiny tots will break up into several groups (usually 4) and rotate through a number of different activities.

Most weeks we encourage the Tiny Tots to run a 40m race on our straight track.  This can be a very exciting and fun event for them.

At the end of each session the Tiny Tots will have cool down exercises and finish at about 7pm.

In tiny tots we don’t record race times, placings, etc. Tiny Tots is more focused on fun and learning the basics.

Parent involvement

Parent involvement is the key to Little Athletics, and our Tiny Tots program is no exception.  Each season we look for a group of parents who will band together and run the program each night. They with the support of the other parents ensure that the children have a night full of fun and activity.

End of Season

At the end of every season we reward our Tiny Tot participants with an encouragement medal and look forward to them joining our club again!