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All athlete registrations must be completed on-line.

Registration fees for season 2018/19 are

Registration Fees

Registration Fees after 1 Feb 2019

Tiny Tots $ 125 $ 100
1 Child $175 $
2 Children $315 $
3 Children $375 $
4 Children or more $400 $


To register as a Little Athlete please complete your registration by way of the IMG on-line registration system.  On-line registration is the only available form of registration.  Registration fees must also be paid on-line when registering.

To register click here HERE

which will take you to the registration area on SALAA’s website.

Select “Henley Districts Little Athletic Centre” then click “Next“, select the number of athletes* then follow the prompts.

(*note: if your second child is a Tiny Tot, you will need to register each child separately to get the benefit of the lower Tiny Tot fee).

Within a week or two, your membership pack will be available from the club.  Please ensure you pick up your membership pack from the clubroom.  The pack will contain athlete registration number age group & sponsor badges, which MUST be sewn onto your uniform top in the correct places.

Athlete age groups

Age groups are determined by the athlete’s age on the year they were born in. The athlete maintains this age group for the whole of the Little Athletics season, including Cross-Country.

Children must turn 5 years in 2018 to compete in the U/6 age group.
Children who are 3 years of age in 2018 may participate in Tiny Tots, including those who turn 4 or 5 during the season.

Children in under 6 and above, must compete in their designated age group. Competing in a higher age group is not permitted by SALAA.

For ease of reference, please refer to the following Date of Birth table.

Tiny Tots Born 2014/15
U/6 Born 2013 U/12 Born 2007
U/7 Born 2014 U/13 Born 2006
U/8 Born 2011 U/14 Born 2005
U/9 Born 2010 U/15 Born 2004
U/10 Born 2009 U/16 Born 2003
U/11 Born 2008 U/17 Born 2002


Sports Vouchers

What is the Sports Vouchers program?

Sports Vouchers is a State Government initiative administered by the Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS). The program is an opportunity for primary school age children from Reception to Year 7 to receive a $50 discount from sports club/membership fees. All children in South Australia will receive a letter from the Premier at school (or home if home-schooled) informing them of Sports Vouchers and how it works. Clubs and providers can then offer a $50 discount on joining fees and recoup that money directly from the Office for Recreation and Sport. The purpose is to increase the numbers of children playing organised sport and to reduce the costs for parents.

What can the $50 be used for?

The $50 can be used towards membership fees which provide access to a minimum 10 week sports program. The discount cannot be used for equipment purchase or a one-off ‘come and try’ type event.


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