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From the commencement of the 2018/2019 competition season, Little Athletics across Australia is changing the date on which it determines its age groups, to 31st December. This has direct implications for some of our athletes and parents, as well as centres who run Little Athletics activities from week to week.

Here’s a summary of everything you need to know, and information about how these changes may affect you during the upcoming season. To know which age group you will be for the 2018/19 season, please visit the Age Group Identifier.

Age Groups:
The anniversary date in which Little Athletics will determine its age groups, will change from 30th September to 31st December.
Athletes will be in age groups based on their year of birth.
Who’s Affected:
Athletes born between 1st January to 30th September will not be affected.
Athletes born between 1st October to 31st December will bypass one age group e.g. an U10 in the 2017/18 season will miss U11’s, and be an U12 in the 2018/19 season.