2017 State Individual Championships

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Congratulations to all the Henley Districts Athletes who participated in the 2017 State Individuals Championships this year, there were many personal bests and outstanding performances, special mention to the athletes who medalled this year

George Panagiotidis U17 Boys Discus Gold SBP, Shot Put Gold
Matthew Lipman U17 Boys Triple Jump Bronze, Long Jump Gold
Brittany May U17 Girls Shot Put Silver
Abi Mortimer U16 Girls Javelin Silver
James Simpson U15 Boys 200m Bronze, 400m Gold & 100m Bronze
Ethan Dunn U13 Boys Triple Jump Bronze
Rex Farnsworth U11 Boys High Jump Bronze
Jevan Phillipou U10 Boys Discus Silver, High Jump Bronze & Gold Shot Put
Jake Hall U10 Boys 400m Bronze, Silver Long Jump & Bronze 800m
Ava Shreeve U9 Girls 70m Gold, 100m Silver, 200m Gold & 400m Silver
Sabian Mallia U9 Boys 400m Bronze
Luca Goldie U9 Boys 70m Bronze
Lincoln Hosking, Bronze, U9 Boys, Long Jump
Lachlan Huddy, Gold U10 Boys 800m & 200m
Jake Noble U11 Boys Long Jump Silver
Mattaes Phillipou U12 Boys Shot Put Silver
Jessie Shiell U12 Girls 1500m Bronze
Ethan Dunn U13 Boys 100m Silver & Shot Put Bronze
Bridget McCullough U14 Girls 100m Silver & Triple Jump Bronze
Lexi Panagiotidis U14 Girls Discus Gold
Kelly Lipman U14 Girls High Jump Gold
Kelly Thatcher U15 Girls High Jump Bronze
Aidan Lock U16 Boys 1500m & Javelin Bronze
Abi Mortimer U16 Girls Discus Silver
Brittany May U17 Girls Discus Silver.